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July 9, 2007

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m completely fed up with the lack of options on WordPress, so I’m switching back to blogger, where there are no javascript police and I can edit my own css and html. It’s wonderful, stop over sometime. directs to the new blog. is the new feed.


Don’t ever buy a rental car

July 1, 2007

I feel sorry for rental cars, I really do. They get a significant amount of abuse from people that don’t know what they’re doing. Like me.

I picked up a car Friday after work, hopped on the freeway to get back to Pasadena and every time I got out of the car to park I thought to myself “I’m sure it’s really not supposed to smell like that”. There was definitely something wrong.

It wasn’t until tonight that I realised that the parking brake was on the whole time.


The puppy

July 1, 2007

I’m seriously starting to think about buying a puppy. Let’s be honest, I nearly bought one this week. There’s a sweet little pomeranian pup in a pet store near my work that I went back to see for the third time during lunch on Wednesday. At some point, I managed to convince myself that spending $1000 on a dog when I don’t even have a car yet would be a bad idea (yes, the car saga continues, and frankly I’m tired of advice, the only thing I want to hear from anyone on the subject is “Hey Jenny, here are the keys to the car I just bought you” if you can’t say that, keep it to yourself).

Apparently there is some sort of visceral need to have something that drools and paws you all over, and at this point a pair of chewed shoes seems like a much smaller annoyance to deal with than arguments or unreturned phone calls, which came with the other kind of drooling and pawing that I experienced on a regular basis.

The big question is, is that a cop-out? I immediately thought for sure it was. It kind of reminded me of the14 year-old girls that go on Maury and talk about how much they want a baby because they just want someone to love them. Like the people who are constantly on their cell phone because they can’t go 5 minutes listening to their own thoughts. You get a dog when you just can’t deal with being alone.

However, someone made the point that why else, other than companionship do people get dogs? Hmmmmm, I’m still on the fence on this issue, but one thing that’s making me think twice is that immediately after leaving work yesterday, I went straight to the bar, continued drinking until 2am and then spent the majority of Saturday starfishing on my bed.

Maybe I should wait a bit on the puppy.

Happy Canada Day bitches!

June 29, 2007

For all the Americans who haven’t seen this commercial, take a look, it’s a Canadian national treasure.

And damn right I don’t say “aboot”.

Have a roman candle fight for me!

Err on the side of “douchebag”

June 27, 2007

Note to all women: We are now embracing the term “douchebag” to refer to guys that are worthy of it. Apply liberally.

Unfortunately, not all guys are like my one-month-perfect-relationship boy. There are a lot of douchebags out there. A lot. Especially in Los Angeles. I’ve learned recently, through my own experiences and experiences of my girlfriends that more often than not that the guys down here are somewhat dumb, manipulative, sleazy, and/or waaaaaaay too into themselves. This doesn’t have anything to do with lessons from the book. These guys will incessantly chase you, and may actually be into you, but are completely lacking in tact or actual charm. Or an understanding that a ring on your lefthand ring finger means “no go”. We’ve learned that the lesson here is, if you’re unsure whether someone is actually a good guy, if you’re in the greater Los Angeles area…err on the side of “douchebag”.

My blog is badass

June 26, 2007

I saw this on Bobby’s blog and had to check it out myself.

Online Dating

Of course I get an R rating. Would you expect anything different?

The best relationship ever

June 25, 2007

You would think that I should be talking about an incredibly long and passionate partnership, but really the best relationship I’ve ever had was short and sweet. It started earlier this year and lasted a month. We had known each other in a professional capacity when I casually mentioned that my boyfriend had procured himself an “ex” prefix to his title, and new boy immediately asked me out. In the month that followed, we went to dinner, museums, out for coffee, had long, deep conversations, cuddled while watching movies on the couch, laid awake in bed until absurd hours because we couldn’t stop talking, and other things that people do when enjoying that first, blissful month of a relationship 😉

Being the complete anthesis of the guy that I had dated for the previous 5 years, he was exactly what I needed to keep my mind off the breakup. The company that he had founded was nearing the end of the money that he had raised to finance it, and it had gotten to the point where he’d even had his phone cut off because of the unpaid bills, so at the same time, both of us were going through a rebound of sorts.

The best part of it all, was the fact that both of us realized that it wasn’t serious, but this didn’t stop it from being incredibly caring and sweet. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced this. We both threw ourselves fully into it, not worrying how or when it was going to end, but that it eventually would. After the first few, amazing weeks, I got the job offer in California. He was incredibly supportive, took me to Chapters and grabbed a stack of travel books to help me decide where I was going to spend the month before I started the new job.

After travelling and keeping in contact with him when I had gotten to California, we both knew that being on different sides of the continent wouldn’t bode well for continuing to be together, so we decided to stay friends. It couldn’t have ended better. Sometimes things just align properly so that these kind of things work out perfectly.

And we’re still friends.

Breaking up is hard to do

June 20, 2007

It seems like there are more than a fair amount people NOT living “happily ever after” around me in the past little while. Maybe it’s the time of year and people are gearing up for their hot summer fling and have decided to ditch last December’s dates, maybe it’s all just coincidence. Regardless, there are a number of fantastic and highly available women on the market right now. Myself included. In case you hadn’t figured that out yet.

The book has been both a driving and consoling factor in breakups as of late (note the increase in status, now referred to as “the book” much the same way as the pill is referred to as “the pill”). I’d love to quote from it right now, but like any good book owner, I read it and passed it on to someone who needed it more than I did. One of the lessons I’ve learned from the book and from the previous week or so is that guys are huge pussies (there, I said it, sorry for the language mom). This has now left us ladies with a great deal of responsibility in determining whether their need to spend every waking moment with us is really just insecurity or the constant jokes about getting married is really him being an insensitive douchebag, rather than the undying devotion we’d like to think it is. Which sucks. I’ve always been one to dive right into something without looking much first, because being able to enjoy life without being overly cautious is one of the greatest things in the world.

So, part of relationships at this stage in life is that we all start eventually getting a little banged up and carrying baggage, whether we like it or not. I think all single girls should start carrying a copy of the book in their purse, so the next time that someone buys you a drink and starts promising you the world you can whack them over the head with it and run. Run far away.

I hate wordpress

June 15, 2007

When considering changing the title of my last blog, I decided to instead make a big leap and not only change the title, but buy a domain and even start blogging on a different service. I’m not sure why I even switched to WordPress, but I vaguely remember some promises about how fantastic it is, easy to switch and Rachel’s blog looked great on wordpress. Which is approximately when I made the WORST MISTAKE EVER.

First, it took me a week to figure out how to get my blogroll to show up. Why? Because it’s called Blogroll on your dashboard, and to put it in your sidebar, it’s called Links. How has this been a problem for so long? In the year or so that Rachel’s had her blog she told me she never figured out how to get the blogroll up.

You may notice that Rachel had widgets on the side of her blog until a little while ago and now they’re all gone. Apparently WordPress has declared war on javascript. They don’t allow any tags with scripts, and if you try to put them in , they immediately get deleted. Which means no f-ing widgets. No, no fineTune, no statcounter.

The Statcounter thing really pisses me off because the stats that wordpress offers really blow. In addition to that, I noticed that they’ve also removed the feed stats in the last couple of days. Why? Because they obviously missed that day in school where you learn not to blow onto the scene with a bunch of features that work poorly/improperly and then take them away. Users get pissed. Like me. I’m pissed.

This is how digital music works…

June 14, 2007

I have the Hype Machine feed in my iTunes. Every day I get a pile of new music that I passively listen to while working, and let’s be honest, most of it is crap. If it doesn’t creep into my attention and make me go “hot damn!”, it most likely gets deleted. About 90% of the music that comes in goes right to the recycle bin, but I keep listening because occasionally I get something that I just die for.

A couple days ago, a song popped up into my iTunes that made me start drooling all over myself. I had to go stumbling around google to try to find out who it was because the metadata was all missing and all I had was “rain” as the title. I eventually found out who the band was, went to iTunes and downloaded the album. Ran straight over to facebook without passing Go or collecting $200, added them as a favorite band and lo and behold, iLike is telling me that they’re playing a concert in Los Angeles in the next month. I add it to my profile so now my friends can see it. Who wants to go with me?

Unfortunately, the stupid AAC files I bought off iTunes doesn’t let me share the album I just bought so I can tell my other friends in Los Angeles how friggin amazing they are and bring them with me to the show. Fine, I’ll let them KEEP THEIR MONEY.

The song is called Rain by Bishop Allen. Here is the link to the song. Go listen and love it.