So here’s what NOT to do when backpacking through …

So here’s what NOT to do when backpacking through europe: show up on a Saturday night on Amsterdam with no reservations whatsoever. Yeah, so went spent quite a bit of time going from place to place only to have them smile at us and say in their dutch accents “sorry, not tonight!” Fortunately someone took pity on us and called a hostel farther away, found out they had rooms and gave us directions on the tram. Another nice gentleman saw our canadian patches, struck up a conversation and showed us to the place we were looking for.

Here’s something else not to do: make hotel reservations online after a couple beers. We booked the wrong night. Ok, I booked the wrong night. In the end it ended up working out, I sent them a nice e-mail and they changed the reservations. For a while I was having a minor coronary.

The time on this computer terminal is blinking at me, 4 minutes left, so today we’re going to try to hit some museums and then back to our hotel in the red light district!!

Oh yeah and Copenhagen was too far/expensive/cold so tomorrow morning at 7 we’re taking the train to Berlin.


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