The Hunt For Hookers

Wow, so losta stuff in Amsterdam yesterday. We went to the Heineken experience and learned all about how Heineken is made. Very interesting. Oh yeah, and they give you 3 free beer with admission. So that was fun. Then immediately after we had a nice sobering experience by visiting the Anne Frank Haus. I was surprised that the Secret Annex was a lot bigger than I had thought. I pictured these 8 people crowded in a couple tiny rooms, but apparently after living in downtown Toronto, I guess the rooms didn’t seem so small.

After crawling back to the hostel and wanting nothing but to take a shower and sleep Slava reminded us that we hadn’t seen the red light district yet. So we went on a hunt for hookers. Holy, red light they weren’t kidding. I was expecting old, ugly dutch prostitues hanging their sagging boobs in the windows, looking really icky, but it was not like that at all. It was basically a bunch of girls my age sitting in a window (actually lit by red lights) looking vaguely bored, filing their nails, talking with friends, wearing a bathing suit or some underwear. It was like a Saturday night scene from my apartment in university when were getting ready to go out to a club. Except that these girls were hookers.

After seeing that I think I was ready to hit the hay and hit another city the next day.


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