Tonight we’re staying in Munich, which I definitely find to be a much more beautiful and interesting city than Berlin. Yesterday we got into Berlin around 1pm on the train from Amsterdam, after which we went to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum and to see the East Side Gallery (the largest remaining portion of the Berlin Wall now covered with art from local artists depicting the history of the Berlin wall).

Berlin reminded me a lot of North America, mostly because a lot of the city has been rebuilt since the world hated Berlin during the second world war and bombed the crap out of it. Either that or we didn’t spend enough time there to really appreciate it. Regardless, we’re in Munich now. Munich is a very beautiful city and everything you think of whe you think ‘german’ (leiderhosen, sausage, beerhouses). We walked around the city, ate some Brautwurst and climbed up the tower of Saint Peter’s church (I think that’s the english translation). After which we visited the hofbrauhaus (think BEER) where we met some cool kids from Ohio who will also be going to the ‘cinderella castle’ with us tomorrow on our day trip to Fussen.

Phew, it’s been a long day and tomorrow promises to be even longer with our day trip then the overnight train to Venice (!)


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