La Vita è Bella!

Absolutley love love love Venice!!!! It’s so beautiful!! I feel so much more comfortable in Italy than Germany or the Netherlands, because my part of my family is Italian, so I’m used to listening to people speak in Italian and having no idea what they’re saying! I’m so ridiculously tired from not sleeping for approximately the past week but there is so much to see here I just can’t possibly go to sleep! We wandered around all this morning , getting lost, seeing different things, enjoying the fact that it’s above 0C here. Had to buy mitts and a scarf to replace the ones that I’ve lost so far (sorry Carolyn!).

We’ve gotten lost just about every place we’ve tried to go to, which is part of the Venice charm, if you don’t get lost, you’re doing something wrong. The streets don’t really have names and building numbers are just a suggestion, considering there is no real order, they’re numbered by when they were built.

Venice is also quite expensive. We’ve already spent €28 on train reservations just this morning. Internet is also around €5 an hour, much more expensive than anywhere else. So I should keep this short. Hope to have a good Italian meal tonight with nice glass of wine and sleep until noon tomorrow. Ciaò!


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