The night train is not for sleeping.

You heard me right. I don’t know who these people are that think that you can sleep on the night train, but it was nearly impossible. The compartment we were in got so hot I was panting and pressing my face against the window to cool down. Random police officers kept opening our door and looking in at almost every stop. The seats did not recline, however, we had 6 seats for three of us, so I pushed an armrest up and curled up in a ball over two seats. It’s still good though because, we didn’t have to pay for a hostel.

Funny enough, as we were killing time yesterday looking for a place to eat before catching our train we randomly ran into the people we met the night before. Apparently 3 litres of beer when you’re a girl who weighs 100lbs is enough to want to make you sleep in a bit before hiking up a cliff to see a castle. Hence the reason we didn’t see them in Fussen. They were on their way to get something to eat as well so we hopped into a nearby brauhaus and had some schnitzel and of course a couple of brews. You think that would have at least help me sleep on the train, but alas, no luck. On to Venice…


2 Responses to “The night train is not for sleeping.”

  1. Rick Says:

    You guys should get reservations in a sleeping car which is a bit more expensive but people won’t bother you all night. sorry, should have mentioned that.

    Glad to see you are having a good time.

    “That guy”

  2. Jenny Says:

    Hey guy,

    They didn’t have any more room in the sleeping compartments, so what we paid for were supposed to be “sleeperettes” that reclined and let you get a good night sleep. I’m not so sure I could have slept well in a sleeping compartment anyway. The bunks are 3 beds high! Sardines anyone?

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