Venice: Day 2

When we stepped into the Piazza San Marco I think I stopped breathing. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The Basilica is so huge and so ornate, it was spectacular, there’s also this huge square surrounded by a very old building with very tiny carvings all over it. I wish I could figure out how to upload my pictures in this internet cafe, but they don’t seem to allow you to do that here.

The pigeons are the funniest thing. There are hoards of them all standing around in the middle of the piazza just waiting for tourists to buy a handfull of seeds for €1, when they all at once will swarm the person, sitting all over their arms, shoulders and head all fighting for a little bit of food. It’s nuts.

We did actually sleep until noon today. Unfortunately I actually feel more tired now. We took a walk to the grocery store when we woke up and bought some pasta, pesto, sauce, meat and cheese so we could cook our own food instead of eating out and spending a lot more money. I’m gonna take a little nap now, hopefully I’ll wake up before tomorrow morning.

Oh yeah, and for those of you who wanted to know, Venice does kind of smell. Not all the time, but in some little pockets there’s definitely a rotten eggs smell. Glad we’re not here in the summer!


One Response to “Venice: Day 2”

  1. Uncle Domenic Says:

    Hi Jenn
    When ever you want to let off a little steam at some itai, without being to nasty, say ” MUNEJ ALA MISARIA” that’s a soft j, and say it kind of fast. Glad to hear your having a an “Excellant Adventure”.

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