When in Rome…

Don’t forget to bring the directions to your hostel. Oops. We had to stop at an internet cafe to find out how to get to the hostel around the corner. Whatever, Slava and Elliott wouldn’t know what to do with themsleves if it wasn’t for me. I’m allowed to forget something every once in a while.

Took the train from Venice to Rome today, kind of an uneventful day. We accidentally got booked on first class on the train, which wasn’t that different from second class except they give you a free drink and the seats recline by pushing a button. Went to the grocery store to save on food again. Probably going to be a rather early night as we have to be up really early tomorrow morning to get tickets to the Vatican and get all holy from the big blessing from the pope on Sunday morning.

Oh yeah, there are palm trees in Rome. Palm trees.


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