The Eternal City

Up early again this morning to visit the vatican museum that we didn’t get to yesterday. We thought we were there so bright and early, there was no line, the museum was about to open in 10 minutes, everything was wonderful. Until Slava looked to the left and said “uh, is that the line?” Oh was it ever. The line went down the street and around the block. So once we made our way to the real back of the line, we waited about an hour to get in. The museum was wonderful. I was a little disppointed with the Sistine Chapel. After seeing tons of rooms in the museum that were all covered in frescos I didn’t really understand why this one was so revered. Don’t get me wrong, it was gorgeous, but there were so many other places there that were just as beautiful. My favourite part was how Michaelanglo clearly painted a very large skull in the fresco behind the altar. Squint your eveys and look at the picture. (Sorry, I can’t find the right keys on this keyboard to put it in as html)

So after this we saw the Spanish steps, Trevi Fountain, the Forum, Pallantine and of course The Coliseum. We took a tour of the Coliseum, which was very informative, it made me wish that we took tours of everything else as well to understand the history behind it (maybe I would have liked the Sistine Chapel better) but that would get a little costly after a while. So I’m just about wiped at the moment and we have to take a train to Florence early tomorrow morning. Ciao!


3 Responses to “The Eternal City”

  1. Meghan Says:

    Its Meghan, hope your having an awsome time. I was just looking at the picture from the sistine chapel and i cant find the skull, well i think i see it but not sure. Is it the blue parts of the photo?? ne ways write me back if you have time! Have tons of fun!!! Ive been printing all your blogs off for Grandpa. He loves to know what your up to. Ok bye

  2. Jenny Says:

    Yeah Meghan, it’s in the negative blue space. Tell Grandpa I said hi and I’ll miss you guys on Christmas eve.


  3. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    It came up as HTML anyway…

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