Florence = Shopping

Yesterday after arriving in Florence in the morning, taking in a few of the sights and outdoor markets the three of us pretty much just went to sleep. We woke up around dinner time and ate in this charming little cafe that was playing Christmas music that made me a little sad thinking about how I’m going to miss Christmas with my family.

This morning we woke up bright and early to hit a couple of museums including Academia (where the David is) and the Ufizzi. The David really is something you have to see in person, it’s amazing that someone could carve something so intricate and lifelike out of a block of marble, he really is incredibly beautiful. I’m so astonished with what type of things people can do and find out about paintings with restoration. A lot of the paintings that had been restored had shown multiple layers of painting that obscured earlier work. Even the sketching underneath showed different ways that the artist had strayed from the original penciling.

Academia had a lot of explanations with the paintings, which I found to be very informative, but also I had a hard time lifting my head up to look at the actual paintings instead of reading all about them. In the Uffizi gallery, there were less explanations, but it allowed me to actually look at and study the paintings.

One painting I was looking at really stood out from the previous ones I had seen, and I stared at the face of the woman, so impressed with the detail and how lifelike it seemed, I looked down at the name of the artist and realized it was a Botticelli. It’s so amazing the difference between the most accomplished and celebrated painters and the lesser known artists. After this I started playing a “guess the masters” game by looking at the painting and deciding if it was a Raffael, Michaelangelo, Botticelli etc. or just some unknown. I found it surprising, how someone like myself who has taken no art classes and barely has an appreciation for it could really tell the difference. I guess there’s a reason they’re called “masters”.

In the afternoon, we hit some of the open air markets that hock tons of leather stuff/mitts/scarves/jackets/belts and picked up a bunch of stuff that I really have no idea how I’m going to fit in my bag and take along with me.

Tomorrow we’re taking a day trip to either Siena or Assisi, as I’ve heard from most people that Pisa was a very disappointing experience (ok, mostly just Chris) and that many other towns just a short train ride away were much more enjoyable.


2 Responses to “Florence = Shopping”

  1. Christopher Scinta Says:

    Well, I’ve had to delete two comments because they were formatted incorrectly. Here’s try number three.

    Actually, I wouldn’t presume to call Pisa “very disappointing.” The lovely Miss McCarthy is twisting my words.

    Pisa is indeed a beautiful city, but so is everything else in Italy. Having visited Pisa and spending two days there, I came to the conclusion that most of what a person goes to Pisa to do can be done in a matter of hours. Considering that the Leaning Tower is the only thing most people associate with the city, it would stand to reason that they show up, take some photos, make one or two sexual jokes, and leave. I myself spent longer studying the inside of the Pisa Bapistry, in particular the elaborate pulpit carved by Nicola Pisano (which was no doubt envied by his big brother Giovanni, whom we can thank for the pulpit in the Pisa Cathedral, just a few meters away). Such scrutiny would typically be dismissed as a waste of time, but I had a full-course credit riding on it so I paid attention.

    As far as smaller towns in Tuscany go, Pisa isn’t as charming as Perugia, Assisi, Pistoia, San Gimignano, or even the larger city of Siena. Therefore, I suggested that (once again, the lovely) Miss McCarthy buy a postcard of the tower and skip the trip to Pisa all together in favor of something a little less trite.

    Having said that, I can’t wait until she returns to this vibrant commercial wasteland we call “North America.” That is, if she decides to return at all after spending a month across the pond.

    P.S. You won’t be the only one missing somebody at Christmas…and that was about as much of a PDA as I’m capable of!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    hey babe, i wish u liked the sistine chapel more! i loved it bc of all the secret politics behind the paintings. like in the last judgement how that guy Biagio made Mike paint clothes on the angels, so he painted Biagio as the devil with the snakes biting at his nuts! lol, so Biagio said to the Pope, “Father, you have to do something about this, youre the Pope! and the Pope said, “my son, he put u in hell – if he had put you in pergatory i could have done something” LOL true story

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