I wasn’t really expecting much from our visit to N…

I wasn’t really expecting much from our visit to Nice, maybe a couple nice pictures, annoying French people who don’t want to speak english and nearly kill us with their bad driving skills. While I was right about the nice pictures and bad drivers Nice is so much more than I was expecting. It’s absolutely beautiful here. The whole town is set on the side of a mountain overlooking the ocean, there’s palm trees everywhere and everything is built concrete and the terracotta tile roofs so that it looks like something straight out of a british colony in the Caribbean.

The directions on how to get to our hostel from the train station were a bit sketchy and actually included us calling from pay phone and having someone pick us up from a square. I had concerns about us quickly climbing into the back of a white unmarked van that slowed down at the traffic light only to never be heard from again. Fortunately the white van (with windows in the back, much less scary) showed up and a cute little girl from Colorado who knew my name got out and helped us into the shuttle up to the villa. The place we’re staying is so beautiful, it used to be a monastery and was converted into a youth hostel/student residence by some ingenious mind. Take a look at it here.

Today we walked around Nice for quite a while, taking in a lot of the sights. There’s a really cool park at the top of a tower that used to be a fort or a castle or something that has all these different little paths to climb higher and higher into the sky to have some really amazing views of Nice. There’s even a bunch of ruins left from where the original walls of the fort used to stand. Very cool. Because of the fact that it’s Christmas eve a lot of stuff in Nice was closed today, which was alright with me, I’d rather just head back to the villa, take it easy and enjoy the views from the top of this hill we’re on.

There’s a few kids here that work here or stay at the villa while they’re going to school in Nice who for whatever reasons aren’t going back home for Christmas. So all of these lonely souls have decided to get together and have a Christmas potluck dinner to feel a little less lonely together. I’m glad that my first Christmas away from home isn’t just going to be me Elliott and Slava staring at each other and drinking copious amounts of wine simply out of boredom.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, and to everyone in my family I’ll miss you tons tonight and tomorrow morning!


3 Responses to “I wasn’t really expecting much from our visit to N…”

  1. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    Merry Christmas…we will miss you too!

  2. Slava’s Mom and Dad Says:

    We wish you, Elliott and Slava a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year!
    Keep writing your interesting stories, we love to read them.

  3. aunt beth Says:

    Hey just wanted to see if you would get my message this time we are all here at uncle Mike and aunt Dars having a good time but missing you tons!! We all just talked to you and decided to write you a little message. Anyways hope you have an awsome christmas over there! Lots of Love!!

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