Took the train into Siena from Florence to see what a smaller Italian town is like. When we got out of the train station we hopped onto the bus that our guide books told us would take us into the centre of town. It actually was the right bus that we got on, but unfortunately was going in the opposite direction than we needed. We got a crazy tour of the Siena countryside, all the while being tossed around the back of a bus that was going at ridiculously high speeds for the size of the roads it was driving on. Eventually we got let out at a huge grocery outlet store and tried to ask the driver (who obviously only spoke Italian) how the hell we get into town. Thankfully we met a man from England who had recently moved to Siena and could direct us to where we wanted to go.

So we wandered around Siena for a day. We went into the cathedral in town, which charged us 3 euros to get in, thoroughly searched my bag and then requested donations for everything else inside. There was the general donation box, which I guess you threw money into if you weren’t already offended by the entrance fee, donation boxes for the votive candles, prayer cards, and various audio guides for the history of the church. Not to mention the fact that the exterior of the church was under construction and the floor inside was covered in linoleum duct taped down, I guess to stop wear and tear. It was a little annoying.

So besides the church, Siena is an absolutely beautiful town. I wished we had more than a day to explore it because there was so much to see, and so many little alleys to explore that had views like something out of a movie. Definitely a place that I’m going to have to go back to.


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