Bonjour Paris! Aurevoir budget!

Our first hotel in Paris was only marginally more expensive than the hostels we stayed in in Amsterdam, but it still cost 3/4 of our daily budget. This morning we check out of our first hotel and into the second (we’re staying in 3 places over 4 nights in Paris) and thankfully it was already paid for by credit card ahead of time, otherwise we would be almost out of cash by now. We had to book a really expensive one because it’s New Year’s Eve and all of the hostels were already booked, but the amazing part is that I have my own room!!! Woooohooooo!!!!! Words can’t express how delighted I am to not have to fall asleep to the sound of someone else snoring or worry about waking some stranger up when I come into the room and turn on the light. It even has a COFFEE MAKER and HAIR DRYER in the room! Clearly I am in paradise. The next two days will consist of very lengthy hot showers followed by sipping tea while watching bad French television. Oh yeah, we might see some stuff too.


One Response to “Bonjour Paris! Aurevoir budget!”

  1. uncle steve Says:

    your dad & mom and grandpa are here for dinner & few drinks.
    we all wish you a happy new year

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