Back in Canada!

So we’re back in the land of snow and ice again. Now that I’ve had an entire night’s sleep that didn’t involve any alcohol being consumed beforehand, or random strangers coming in and out of my room at 4 in the morning I can finish telling you the adventures of the last few days of our trip.

So the first day we were in London we got down to the serious business we had to finish by the end of the trip….shopping. London was the best choice to do all of our shopping because this was the only place that I found the fashions to be even a little different than North America (mostly everywhere in Europe we went girls were wearing the same kind of knee-high boots that go over your pants that you can get at the Eaton Centre or even Oshawa). So we spent the day walking around Covent Garden spending all of our hard earned cash and found some pretty good deals in the January sales.

After that we took a quick trip to the National Gallery that housed a billion more paintings from the renaissance that haven’t been taken by other museums in Europe (don’t worry, there was plenty to go around). The most interesting part of the gallery was when I saw a painting by DaVinci called “The Virgin of the Rocks”. I was staring at it thinking “I swear this painting was at the Louvre” so eventually curiosity got the better of me and I asked one of the guards about it and he told me that there were two versions of the painting done, the second one was the one at the National Gallery and there were minor differences from the first. There also has been a lot of speculation about the second as to whether it was actually painted by DaVinci, most scholars thought that everything except the angel was done by other artists in his studio. You can take a look at the differences here . I remembered later that these two paintings were mentioned in the DaVinci code, and the reason for the second one being painted at all was because although Leonardo followed the specifications of the painting to the letter he put in a bunch of imagery that the nuns all gasped at when the painting was unveiled. Very interesting.

So after the national gallery we went back to the hostel, ate some dinner, had a couple pints and went to bed early so we could get up and do lots of sightseeing the next day.


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