Life in an internet startup

I think I’ve decided to try to keep up the blog now that I’m back in Toronto, I mean it’s not every day that a recent university grad gets to play this big a role in an internet startup. It seems as though every time I explain exactly what I’ve been doing since graduation to anyone already in this business I seem to get the same reply: “Are you joking? Do you know how lucky you are?”

If the last month has proven anything, it might just be that this may turn out to be one of the most interesting experiences of my life, regardless as to whether this venture turns out to be very successful or a “spectacular failure” (to quote Rick). I think this might just be a really fun ride.

So I’ll try to update this as often as possible, and keep you entertained with random observations about daily life when developments on the business front have slowed to a crawl. Enjoy.


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