As goes Oshawa so goes the nation

I read an interesting article in the Toronto Star this weekend about the upcoming federal election. Apparently a lot of voters in the Motor City are as of yet undecided, and we’ve become the “Ohio” of this election. Ok, let’s be honest here. I’m from Oshawa, it’s where I was born and raised and eventually came back to after spending my university life in the big smoke, so I feel as though I’m a bit of an outsider, maybe with a bit more perspective, but still feel as though Oshawa is my home.

There’s a reason why people call it the Dirty Shwa. I’m not sure that this is the best group of people we want deciding the future of the nation. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of wonderful and very educated people that live in the shwa (my family included) but I’ve met a fair number of folks that don’t understand the world going on outside of the walls of the factory.

I don’t want to delve too deep into politics here, but if anyone in this city has any hope for the future, they’ll do what Buzz says. Don’t screw this up Oshawa.


One Response to “As goes Oshawa so goes the nation”

  1. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    As Oshawa goes, so goes the nation…

    Soooo….you lose…try voting for a party that MIGHT win an election.

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