Crazy people make my life more interesting

I take the Go train in and out of Toronto to get to work every day. It’s generally uneventful, but occasionally people do things that make me laugh out loud or roll my eyes or fall into a gaping-mouthed stare, you know, totally inappropriate public behaviour. I’ve recently noticed that people are getting entirely too comfortable taking the train. There’s a woman that gets on every morning, sits in the same place, her hair still wet, who puts on all her makeup on the train. I’m not just talking lipstick and a little powder she fully gets out her foundation, puts it on a sponge and gets down to business. I walked by another woman this morning plucking her eyebrows. I once saw a man clipping his fingernails and those things were going flying. Ick.

My favourite though is the Jesus lady. Every morning she’s on the bus that shuttles people to the station, reading her literature on finding Jesus and chatting with herself…maybe with the lord. As if that’s not enough to make me think she’s out of her tree, yesterday morning I witnessed her reciting a poem she’d written to a total stranger. I overheard the whole conversation about the story behind the poem (it was about the arctic) and the ensuing conversation over whether the word “chilly” or “snowy” would be more appropriate in one line, watching as the other person made numerous attempts to change the subject to no avail. It was agony not having someone sitting next to me who I could snicker at this exchange with. Oh well, I usually only see her in the mornings and at least it wasn’t me who was subject to it.

So I’m on the way home, I’ve got my sudoku out, trying to ignore everyone around me for the next 40 minutes, when I hear “now do you think ‘snowy’ or ‘chilly’ is better? because another lady told me that I could use either but I just don’t know because you know there are places that have patches of snow but there are places that have patches with no snow you know in the wintertime the sun never comes up and in the summer it never goes down that’s why they call it the land of the midnight sun….” I witnessed her accost no less than 5 people on the way home asking the exact same thing. By the time I got off the train I wanted to poke my own eyes out. Or better yet, her eyes. Or better yet, just grab her scarf and wrap it really tight around her face a few times.

Some people don’t deserve to be let out in public.


2 Responses to “Crazy people make my life more interesting”

  1. Slava Says:

    damn… that’s harsh

  2. Jenny Says:

    I just tell it like it is. Sometimes the truth hurts.

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