Here’s a new downtown club to avoid

My girlfriends and I all decided that it had been much too long since we’d gone out dancing together so we made plans to hit up a club downtown on Saturday night. We’d heard that Century Room was a new club in the very happening king west area, so we’d decided to check it out and went early because we hate standing in line.

The first thing we hear the bouncer announcing to the crowd that was already starting to form was that Saturday night was “guest list only” and there was a strict “25 and older with ID” age limit. I hate when clubs pull crap like this because it was clearly a huge lie. All we had to do was go up to the bouncer, bat a couple eyelashes and the velvet ropes parted. Also, none of us were over 23 and they looked at our IDs.

If you’re going to create an image of exclusivity for your club, do it right. Don’t advertise your party on Saturday nights, then tell people when they arrive that you can’t get in if you’re not on “the list”. It just pisses people off, so when you do eventually let them in they’re all in a crabby mood. Also, charging $20 to get in and $7 for mixed drinks and not even giving people a place to sit down if they’re not getting bottle service, isn’t going to keep people coming back. Also, some better music would have been nice too.

I did have a good time that night, but it had more to do with the people I was with than anything that Century Room offered. I’m predicting that this will be one more club that won’t last long.

I still stand by that fact that the only place in the city worth paying $20 to get in is This is London.

Aren’t they hot?


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