I’m not a deadbeat, I swear

Last night while I was eating dinner, my cell phone company called me up and informed me that I had yet to pay my most recent bill. Now being the very good bill-paying (and always on time, I might add) girl that I am I started to freak out a little bit thinking that they’re going to lay a huge interest charge on me, contact the credit bureau, my credit rating is going to go down, I’ll never be able to get a loan…and on and on. The lady on the phone wasn’t very nice about it either (why would she be, she thinks I’m a deadbeat) and asked me about 3 times if I wanted to pay it now. I finally got off the phone promising to pay it online immediately. Imagine my surprise when I looked at my bill online and realized that it was due only 3 days ago. That’s it?!?!?! By the shakedown I got you’d think I was 3 months behind in my payment.

My parents seemed to have a different take on the situation, saying that it was nice of them to call because they must have noticed that I always pay my bills on time and that there must have been some reason as to why this payment was late. Which, when you think about it, is a nice little thing to do, but everything the lady on the phone said clearly indicated it was not a friendly service call.

I have had nothing but problems with my service provider, but the kicker is that if I thought any of the other providers were marginally better I would have switched a long time ago. This cell company (not mentioning any names) was so much better before it got bought out by another, larger cell company. They actually wanted and needed your business back then and did anything to get it. Now you can choose between 3 equally bad service providers that charge you an arm and a leg for your usage and have terrible customer service. It would be nice if there were actually some sort of competition to get these companies to start working a little harder for your business.

For now, I’m just going to try to pay all my bills on time to avoid the judgmental phone operators.


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