Working from home

I’ve been working from home since Monday and I’m feeling slightly disconnected because Rogers, being the oh-so-wonderful company that they are has yet to hook up my internet and cable, although I have to admit it’s not completely their fault because for some strange reason the cable connection is on the (locked) roof and there has to be some coordinating with my landlord to get up there, but I assure you Rogers is doing everything in their power to bullocks it up.

I’ve been trying to steal the wireless signal from some of my neighbours who so nicely have left their connections wide open, but unfortunately you get what you pay for and I can get approximately 3 page loads before the connection craps out.

So the only human contact I have is with the people that work at the Starbucks and the video store, where I visit at least once or twice a day. I’m nearly at the point where I’m going to shell out the $6 an hour that Starbucks charges for wireless just to be able to check more than one e-mail at a time and see an msn conversation through to completion.

However, the nice part about working from home is that I’m sitting on my couch right now, cuddled up in a blanket, drinking my latte with my computer in my lap, and when I stop working to have lunch I can take a quick nap after. Mmmmmmmmm, nap……


3 Responses to “Working from home”

  1. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    What the hell???

    How do I get a job that works from home and I can drink coffee, watch videos, and sleep???

  2. Jenny Says:

    Don’t forget Europe. We also got sent backpacking around Europe for a month.

  3. Anonymous Says:

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