So here’s an idea

Check the side of the soap bottle before you pour it into the dishwasher. If it says “dish detergent” that’s a no-go. Even though it is to get your dishes clean. It has to say “dishwasher detergent” or you’ll end up running the damn thing 57 times before all the foam goes away. The upside is that my kitchen floor is really clean.


3 Responses to “So here’s an idea”

  1. Slava Says:

    Oh you silly girl!
    Do you really have so many dishes that you need to run the dishwasher to clean them!?

  2. Jenny Says:

    Yes, yes I do. I have many many dishes. And they’re all very very dirty.

  3. Breanna Says:

    That’s really funny you did that, because I was watching the Real World on the new mtv that Canada has, and the guy did it on there.

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