I can’t believe I forgot my camera!!!

I was in Niagara Falls this past weekend visiting my roommates from university and I had such an awesome time!! Unfortunately I forgot my friggin camera in my desk drawer at work…ugh! I was especially disappointed when I went to meet Donata for dinner at the Keg on the 9th floor at the Embassy Suites and found that our table was right next to the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the falls! The afternoon sun was making a huge rainbow in the mist rising over the falls and we ended up staying there until after it got dark and all the lights came on. It was gorgeous.
Basically this is where we were sitting. Pretend that’s me in the picture.

Oh yeah, Doe’s godparents own the embassy suites and of course the restaurants in it. My favourite part was when Donata met me downstairs and said “just in case you weren’t sure, dinner is free so order the lobster.” We did.

There’s something I love about hanging out in Niagara Falls, especially when we drive up to the touristy area at night and all the lights are on and everything seems so exciting. Seeing the Skylon tower coming up in the distance always makes me jump up and down in my seat. We went out to the bar at the Sheraton and had a relatively low-key night (which means no one drank way too much and made a fool of themself and we got home by 2:30). We were rocking out to “the band”, having a few cocktails, and dishing out the gossip. It was a fabo night!!!

*Sigh* I miss my girls.


One Response to “I can’t believe I forgot my camera!!!”

  1. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    Whose camera do you have?

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