One more reason to hate Rogers…..

I went into the Fido store a couple of days ago to get a new handset, thinking that it was time to replace the one I’ve beaten the crap out of. So I bite the bullet, sign the contract, figuring it’ll be nice to be able to keep the plan I’ve been on since Fido was nearing bankruptcy, and they’re gonna give me a free phone. The easy thing would be for fido to keep these handsets in their backroom in the store…but of course their goal is not to make anything easier for the customer, so they’re going to ship the phone to me from their warehouse. Sure. Fine. Whatever.

I get home today to find a UPS “hey we were here but you weren’t” notice stuck to my mailbox, telling me that they’re going to come again tomorrow between 10:30 and 5. That’s nice. Clearly I won’t be there.

So I call the number on the notice to figure out how I’m going to get my package. “Do you have a building superintendent?” No. “Do you have any neighbours in the building who could sign for it?” No.

Now there’s a UPS store really close to my house, and you’d think that they could send it there and I could pick it up when I get home from work. When I suggest this, I’m told that the store is only for shipping, and I would have to ASK the people at the store if I could have it shipped there. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?

Well, can you redirect it to my work then? Actually, no. Rogers (who now owns Fido) apparently has some little deal with UPS that doesn’t allow packages to be redirected. It instantly raises a flag and the package goes back to the Rogers warehouse, which as I’m told by the guy I spoke to at Fido is somewhat of a black hole. Packages go in…..and never come out. Seriously.

So this is the stupid predicament I’m in at the moment. From what I’ve figured out, the only thing I can do at this point is leave a nice little note for the UPS guy asking if he could preeeeeeetty pleeeeeeeeeaaaase deliver the phone Friday after 5, and then maybe if he’s on his way back to the warehouse and happens to be going by my apartment, he might swing in and drop off the package. Seriously? Seriously.


One Response to “One more reason to hate Rogers…..”

  1. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    All cell phone companies screw you around, but at least pick one that has phones in stock.

    Sounds like Roger’s plan to irritate Fido customers so much they will switch, then they can shut down their cheap plans.

    Sucks to be you, but then you could be me, and deal with Telus for almost 40 phones….guarantee my blood pressure is higher than yours…:-)

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