Seattle recap

Now that I’ve been back home long enough to get a decent rest so I’m not falling asleep in the middle of typing this I can tell you all about our trip.

The plane ride in was decent. A little longish because we had to connect in Vancouver and take a puddle jumper over to Seattle (definitely frightening)

Of course I spent all of sunday night lying in bed, staring at the ceiling in my hotel room because I couldn’t get to sleep (I was a little too excited and the latte at 8pm probably didn’t help matters). I thought monday would have been a little harder to get through considering the amount of sleep that I got the night before, but I was still pretty excited about everything and we mostly just sat down with some really smart people that had created some really interesting/useful applications that they demoed for us.

Went for lunch with Behrooz (director at MSR, our host), a couple of people who worked on our legal deal with Microsoft, and Kentaro, a super-smart guy who heads up the MSR India team and originally developed WWMX (the technology that PlanetEye is based on).

After all our meetings that day Behrooz took us out to a nice restaurant on the water, where I managed to finagle the kitchen staff into posing for a picture.

More meetings on Tuesday with people working on a few different projects involving digital imaging. I guess when you have as much money as microsoft does you can afford to attract the best and brightest minds because these people have solved some pretty complex problems. Computer vision is one of the toughest fields out there, mostly because we’re not even sure completely how the human brain processes what it sees, so it’s hard to get a computer to do the same.

After the long day I took a long relaxing dip in the hot tub(!) back at the hotel, then went out to Seattle for dinner (we were actually staying in Redmond) and to see the space needle. Rick happened to have just gotten into town and was staying a few blocks away from the space needle so we met up with him, had a wonderful dinner and headed back to the hotel for the few hours of sleep I was going to get before waking up at 4am to catch our flight home.

You can check out the rest of the pics here.


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