Jenny McCarthy

I was in Indigo at the Eaton Centre yesterday and was a little surprised to learn that that other girl who happens to have my name managed to put her clothes on for long enough to write a book. Interestingly enough, upon looking a little closer, I found out that she had written not one but THREE books. Who knew she might actually have a brain?

Ok, well, at least she’s doing something productive that doesn’t involve tons of men staring at her store-bought breasts and generally ruining my good name.

Of course this feeling lasted about 2 minutes before I walked by the magazine aisle and saw her on the cover of this month’s FHM. I’d put up a picture with a link, but frankly the word “indecent” doesn’t quite begin to cover it. So you can look for yourself if you are really interested.

Why won’t this girl go away or at least just get really fat?


2 Responses to “Jenny McCarthy”

  1. who cares Says:


  2. Slava Says:

    meh, she looks decent enought to me

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