Seriously need an air conditioner

After getting home in the sweltering heat yesterday afternoon (39C with the humidex), I decided to head down and enjoy the best part of living in the Beach…the beach. I threw my bathing suit on and slathered on some sunscreen and spent the rest of the afternoon lying on a blanket in the sand reading and enjoying the ridiculously warm spring day.

There were a bunch of film trucks right at the foot of my sidestreet on the beach, with all their lights, cables, camera, and a massive crane. It had me a little sad watching everything. It surprises me every time how upset I get when I pass a film sets on location in the city (which, there are tons of) and it really makes me miss doing it. I’d really like to at least get back into theatre in the city, the only problem is trying to find a good theatre company that consists of people with regular 9-5’s, so that rehearsals and performances aren’t interfering with my job. The operative word there is ‘good’ because I saw a horrendous production of Shakespeare in the Park on the weekend, that clearly consisted of all very untalented amateur actors. Definitely where the phrase “don’t quit your day job” came from. Anyway, if anyone happens to know of a company like this I would be glad to hear about it.

So after getting all depressed on the beach I went back to my sweltering apartment to spend that night of record breaking heat in the un-airconditioned indoors, lying on my bed starfishing, trying to stay as still as possible to cool off. It didn’t work. I took about 3 cold showers, and am now very much appreciating the fact that it’s so cold in my office I’m wearing a sweater.


2 Responses to “Seriously need an air conditioner”

  1. Bobby Says:

    It may be necessary for you to be willing to venture outside of the city to find theatre companies like that.

    For example nearby, in Newmarket, there’s one in particular that’s very well run, and though the crew (and most actors) are unknowns from the community, they have a lot of experience.

    (I myself have considered taking part in some of their productions, but sadly, I do not have a traditional 9-5.)

  2. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    I can’t understand why you want us to buy you an air conditioner. If you are sooo poor you can’t afford one, then you surely can’t afford the electric bill it would cost to run it. You should be able to sleep soundly thinking of all the money you are saving…:-)

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