Count on Fido/Rogers to turn this into a SAGA

Just in case you were wondering I STILL haven’t gotten that damned phone yet. I called Fido to check on the progress, wondering why I hadn’t received it after providing them with the tracking number to show that it DID in fact get back to their warehouse. Apparently the last time I called, their systems were down and the woman I spoke to filled out a form that never got entered into the system. I asked the guy I spoke to if I ever would have found this out had I not called, the answer was “ummm…wellllll…technically….ummm…no”

Needless to say, a few f-bombs were dropped.


One Response to “Count on Fido/Rogers to turn this into a SAGA”

  1. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    You should get rid of any cell phone company that can’t sell you the phone you are looking for right at the store. And don’t pick Rogers, because that is what they are trying to do…make it extremely difficult to get another Fido phone, so they can switch you to Rogers.

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