I swear I’ll never drink again….

Ok, at LEAST until next Friday.

I had a very rare weekend of two nights of heavy drinking in a row. Friday night started with a work event at the Docks driving range, which then proceeded to a restaurant and then a bar after. Not a super messy night, but I definitely was feeling it the next day.

Some of my favourite pics from the docks:

After the Docks:

Saturday I headed home to the shwa for some family events, which ended up including a night out with my two sisters at Tequila Willy’s (with much arm twisting on my sisters’ part, I just wanted to sleep at that point). That night ended up being a little more sloppy than the previous. Carolyn was the funniest though.

The three of us looking all prim and proper (that’s my mom’s finger in the way).

This is me proving that I’m in a country bar. You can kind of make out the band in the background. They’re all wearing cowboy hats.

Carolyn going a liiiiittle too hard.

And the end result:

You can see the rest of the photos on my flickr


3 Responses to “I swear I’ll never drink again….”

  1. Slava Says:

    Hmm… I’m just waiting for a comment from your dad.. patiently waiting…

  2. Jenny Says:

    The first annual meeting of the slut and lush club comes to order this Friday…

  3. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    No need to wait any longer, Slava.

    Just another chapter in the long running novel “The Three Stooges Do Stupid Things”

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