The "new" Oshawa

Over the past few years since leaving my hometown and moving to the big city, more than a few times I’ve been called a bit of a snob. I’ll be the first to admit that during my first year of university I definitely was. Every time I came home I’d pout and stomp around in my pointy-toed boots (which had made it to the Toronto style scene at the time but hadn’t gotten to Oshawa yet) complaining how shitty Oshawa is and that I wanted to back to the city, where all my friends, new boyfriend and basically my new life was.

Recently, especially since moving out on my own and realizing that I will likely never live in Oshawa again, I’ve started to appreciate it more. There’s always a special place in my heart for the place that I grew up. Most people who live there rag on it for parts being a bit “skidly” especially the south end and downtown area, and also being a “lunch box community” because of the huge amount of the population that’s employed my GM. For some reason, when I joke about the same things that everyone else does, I get called a snob. Why is this? Have I lost my right to jokingly rib my hometown by moving?

To be honest, Oshawa has made some really great strides towards becoming a better city. With the building of a new university (UOIT) adjacent to the college (Durham) a lot more money has come into the city, and the striking thing that I noticed when I came home last weekend was the amount of construction everywhere. There’s a new on-ramp to the 401 going up at Stevenson Road, a new mall be built right next to it, the main street going through downtown is being torn up and replaced piece by piece and the biggest project is the sports and entertainment complex going up downtown, which everyone hopes will bring more business to the downtown area after 6pm and drive some of the hookers and drug dealers out.

So props to Oshawa, way to put on some fancy pants. I hope they fit and wear well.

And I’m not a snob.


4 Responses to “The "new" Oshawa”

  1. Slava Says:

    Wow, that’s the most condescending thing I’ve read today.

    such a snob

  2. Jenny Says:


  3. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    Say what you want, but the “lunch bucket” industry is what paid your way through school…

  4. Slava Says:

    Oh, zing!

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