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More Jazz Fest

July 31, 2006

For the last night of the Jazz Fest my friend Ania threw a great party on her patio/roof. Though, there aren’t actually stairs going up to the roof, that didn’t stop everyone from climbing up a ladder to get up there and have a great view of the street festival going on below. I think I should get extra points for getting up and down the ladder in heels, with a beer in my hand. That’s hot.

Check out more pics here.


Jazz Fest!!!

July 28, 2006

Last night was the first official night of the annual Jazz Festival in the Beaches, so I went to check out some of the stuff that’s going on outside my front door. Apparently Thursday is the least busy night of the festival, and if that’s any indication tonight and tomorrow are going to be NUTS.

If there’s one band that you have to check out at Jazz fest (even though they’re not very jazz-y) it’s Samba Squad. Using only percussion instruments they make some unbelievable music. I’ve seen them perform at other street festivals in the city and every time it’s something to marvel at. It’s not very long after they start playing that people start dancing in the street.

The fest goes on all weekend, with Queen Street being closed off between Woodbine and Beech from 7-11pm tomorrow and Saturday night, and shows going on at the mainstage in Kew Park all day Saturday and Sunday.

The Time Traveler’s Wife

July 27, 2006

I have just finished reading the best book I’ve ever picked up. It’s an incredibly sweet and wonderful love story that grabs you right from the beginning. It took me about 3 weeks to get through it, which is a long time for me to spend with a book and usually the complete opposite of what most people would describe what they loved about a novel (“I just couldn’t put it down!”). But every time I picked it up I would want to read a part of it then put it down and absorb everything. It’s one of those rare books that is just good from start to finish, so you’re not racing through passages to get to the next good part.

It was recommended to me by the man that runs BMV Books at Edward at Yonge (if you love to read, check this place out, you won’t leave empty-handed I promise), where they usually sell used books, but occasionally they buy a whole ton of copies of one particular book and sell it at a discount, The Time Traveler’s Wife is one of these.

I feel like part of my life is gone now that I finished reading it! *sob*

The Varsity

July 25, 2006

As Slava point out last week, we did an interview with the Varsity, a newspaper at the University of Toronto. Check out the finished article here. I thought a much more interesting angle was how this all got started and how frickin cool it is!!! I guess the guy didn’t see it that way, oh well. Next time I’ll have to overemphasize the extreme coolness factor.

And so it begins…

July 24, 2006

You know that time in your life where all of a sudden, everyone starts to get married? That would be me right now. The engagements are starting and it seems as though if not me, at least one of my friends is attending a wedding, bachelorette party, jack and jill, engagement party etc. every single weekend this summer. They’re dropping like flies.
This weekend I went back home to attend an engagement party for one of my cousins. Though, this was especially scary because the bride and the groom are both 20 years old. Up until now it’s been people that are at least a few years older than me who are tying the knot, so I felt I had less to worry about, but this hit a little too close to home.

Ultra Supper Club

July 23, 2006

I went to Ultra for the first time with a couple of friends of mine on Friday night. It was a good thing that it didn’t rain because we were out on the patio all night, and I’ve been told that it can get pretty miserable if it rains and everyone pours inside. We had no trouble getting in, but I’m sure that had to do with the fact that we were 3 pretty girls without guys and got there around 11. A group of Lisa’s friends (all guys) that came around 1am couldn’t get in.
The bouncer said that they were too casually dressed, but it was more likely that they were a group of guys showing up at a club at 1am.
The patio there is gorgeous, white furniture everywhere, palms, white strings of lights, and everyone is beautiful.
The drinks were a bit expensive ($7.50 for a vodka soda) and the people tended to just stand around and stare at each other, but that happens a lot in a place like ultra. The music was good, but a little all over the place with the styles being switched up constantly so it was hard to dance to. Despite all that, we still had a fabulous time. More pics from the night here.

Lion on the Beach

July 20, 2006

Say the name out loud. Ingenious. Except that it’s a bitch to explain to people where you’re going. Met some friends here on the way home from the gallery. They headed over to the pub after finishing up a beach volleyball game at Ashbridges bay. I had enough time to order one drink before last call. Because of noise bylaws they only serve alcohol on the patio until about 10:30. Apparently the server was a bit rude to the large group of people coming from the game until he realized that they were going to be ordering lots of food an alcohol. At which point he began sucking up and calling them his favourite table. What else would they be doing there? Weird.

Despite the initial shoddy service, the night was fun and the food was pretty good for pub food.


July 20, 2006

One of those friend of a friend connections led me to an art gallery in Little Italy last night exhibiting works from young artists in the city. The cutely-named Whippersnapper gallery is holding a grand opening group show at the moment. The place was packed last night with young artists, friends and family, which made it a little warm in the second floor gallery.

Most of the art wasn’t anything that I’d hang in my living room, but it’s always interesting to see an artist’s take on the crucifixion when they add breasts to jesus hanging on the cross. *Sigh*. Artists.


July 19, 2006

After having a few drinks at Brasserie, we met up with Ania and a couple of her friends who were heading to Budo, a club in the entertainment district. It’s been a while since I’ve been out in this area and I almost forgot how crazy it gets on the weekends. Driving around to find a parking space was nuts, but we managed to get one for $8 (cheap). We were on the guest list, but it closed at 11 (one of the things clubs try to do to get an early crowd, put them on “guestlist”, which you can sign up for on their website, and get them to come early). So after paying $10 to get in we were a bit weirded out to find that the club was empty. We freaked out for a second then realized that everyone was on the rooftop patio.

Unfortunately, it started to rain not long after we got there, but the funny thing was that it was so hot out that people just danced in the rain. It was mostly house music that the DJ was spinning, which I’m not a huge fan of, but I got into the dancing in the rain for a bit before running back under the awning with the rest of the girls in heels who were having a hard time slipping around on the wet wooden patio. Check out the rest of the pictures from the night here.


July 19, 2006

Friday after work, we headed over to the Brasserie to sit on the patio, enjoy the warm summer afternoon and have a couple drinks. By the time we all managed to get everything together and get out of the office, the front patio on John Street was already full, so we were relegated to the “garden patio”. Good thing they have a pretty big patio, most places would have been full by that time.

Our waiter forgot we were there for a while, while serving another large party, and the bar was backed up (that’s a new one, usually servers blame it on the kitchen) so it took a while to get our drinks. Being the ingenius folks that we are we ordered before the previous one ran dry and we were alright.

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