After having a few drinks at Brasserie, we met up with Ania and a couple of her friends who were heading to Budo, a club in the entertainment district. It’s been a while since I’ve been out in this area and I almost forgot how crazy it gets on the weekends. Driving around to find a parking space was nuts, but we managed to get one for $8 (cheap). We were on the guest list, but it closed at 11 (one of the things clubs try to do to get an early crowd, put them on “guestlist”, which you can sign up for on their website, and get them to come early). So after paying $10 to get in we were a bit weirded out to find that the club was empty. We freaked out for a second then realized that everyone was on the rooftop patio.

Unfortunately, it started to rain not long after we got there, but the funny thing was that it was so hot out that people just danced in the rain. It was mostly house music that the DJ was spinning, which I’m not a huge fan of, but I got into the dancing in the rain for a bit before running back under the awning with the rest of the girls in heels who were having a hard time slipping around on the wet wooden patio. Check out the rest of the pictures from the night here.


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