Lion on the Beach

Say the name out loud. Ingenious. Except that it’s a bitch to explain to people where you’re going. Met some friends here on the way home from the gallery. They headed over to the pub after finishing up a beach volleyball game at Ashbridges bay. I had enough time to order one drink before last call. Because of noise bylaws they only serve alcohol on the patio until about 10:30. Apparently the server was a bit rude to the large group of people coming from the game until he realized that they were going to be ordering lots of food an alcohol. At which point he began sucking up and calling them his favourite table. What else would they be doing there? Weird.

Despite the initial shoddy service, the night was fun and the food was pretty good for pub food.


2 Responses to “Lion on the Beach”

  1. Slava Says:

    Lovely photo there… ever heard of a flash ?!?

  2. Jenny Says:

    Yeah, but you don’t get the full effect with the flash.

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