Ultra Supper Club

I went to Ultra for the first time with a couple of friends of mine on Friday night. It was a good thing that it didn’t rain because we were out on the patio all night, and I’ve been told that it can get pretty miserable if it rains and everyone pours inside. We had no trouble getting in, but I’m sure that had to do with the fact that we were 3 pretty girls without guys and got there around 11. A group of Lisa’s friends (all guys) that came around 1am couldn’t get in.
The bouncer said that they were too casually dressed, but it was more likely that they were a group of guys showing up at a club at 1am.
The patio there is gorgeous, white furniture everywhere, palms, white strings of lights, and everyone is beautiful.
The drinks were a bit expensive ($7.50 for a vodka soda) and the people tended to just stand around and stare at each other, but that happens a lot in a place like ultra. The music was good, but a little all over the place with the styles being switched up constantly so it was hard to dance to. Despite all that, we still had a fabulous time. More pics from the night here.


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