Jazz Fest!!!

Last night was the first official night of the annual Jazz Festival in the Beaches, so I went to check out some of the stuff that’s going on outside my front door. Apparently Thursday is the least busy night of the festival, and if that’s any indication tonight and tomorrow are going to be NUTS.

If there’s one band that you have to check out at Jazz fest (even though they’re not very jazz-y) it’s Samba Squad. Using only percussion instruments they make some unbelievable music. I’ve seen them perform at other street festivals in the city and every time it’s something to marvel at. It’s not very long after they start playing that people start dancing in the street.

The fest goes on all weekend, with Queen Street being closed off between Woodbine and Beech from 7-11pm tomorrow and Saturday night, and shows going on at the mainstage in Kew Park all day Saturday and Sunday.


2 Responses to “Jazz Fest!!!”

  1. Slava Says:

    Wait… so they didn’t rename it to The Beach Jazz Festival?

  2. Jenny Says:

    It would have been too much work, so now all us beachers have to suffer through calling it the Beaches Jazz Festival.

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