Fez Batik

Friday was Kurtis’ last day at VFM, so to send him off in drunken style a bunch of people all went out for drinks at Fez Batik. Fez has a pretty sizable patio right on the corner of Peter and Richmond, which would make it an ideal location for after-work drinks. After the service on Friday night, I’m now remembering why we usually take our business elsewhere.

First of all, they ask that if you’re sitting on the patio that you pay for your drinks in cash right when they bring them to you, and if you want to start a tab (this is my favourite part) they ask that you put a major credit card behind the bar. At this point the customer is saying “whaaaaaa??” Apparently they’ve had some people walk out on their tab when sitting on the patio. Well, um, I’m sorry but isn’t that a liability in ANY establishment? You’re sort of relying on your customers not to walk out, and you hire people that are competent enough to not let that happen 99% of the time. Ok, whatever, just take my card.

So of course, our waitress isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, she doesn’t do anything seriously bad, but simple stuff like asking if a customer is 1. done with their drink, and 2. wants another, while taking their almost empty glass away is just basic service etiquette.

The point at which we ended up leaving was when we asked for a menu and received a sheet of paper inside a plastic sleeve that had on it the options of hot dog, hamburger, shish kabob or pizza.

So by this time Johan is sufficiently sauced (see picture to left) and is inviting us all back to “Reinders Towers” and somehow, against my better judgment I end up jammed in the back of Carl’s BMW something-or-other (I don’t know cars, all I know is I’m 5’2″ and my legs were in pain) and riding up to the Annex. So we hung out at Johan’s for a while, played with his dog, cringed while he tried to play vinyl records and horribly scratched them up, and generally hoped that his wife wouldn’t divorce him for coming home drunk and bringing a bunch of other drunks with him. It was a great night.


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