The Streetcar

Anyone who rides the streetcar in Toronto on streets that don’t have dedicated lanes like Spadina is aware of the fact that you’re pretty much putting your life on the line every time you step down off the streetcar and into oncoming traffic. Generally, motorists observe the fact that you’re supposed to stop when the streetcar stops and not hit the squishy little pedestrians, however you always get the occasional asshole that is either chatting on their cellphone, drinking their coffee or just isn’t familiar with the rules about streetcars, that nearly runs you and other transit riders over. This morning I almost had a seriously bad encounter with one of those people.

I was coming off the streetcar at Peter and Queen, like I usually do and just as the doors are swinging open and I’m about to step into the street an enormous black SUV comes barreling by, not slowing down a bit. It’s a good thing I always look to the right, or I would have gotten hit. But the best part was that the dumb woman on her cell phone in her big, bad suv was promptly pulled over by the big, bad cop on his bicycle.

Aaaaaaah, isn’t it wonderful when people get what’s coming to them. And better yet, when you get to witness it?


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