Friday night, right after work I had to rush up to Markham to get to a wedding reception. My uncle had gotten married earlier in the week to a very very nice and sweet lady named Daisy. Daisy’s background is Chinese, so for luck, they decided to get married on the 8th day of the 8th month, which happened to fall on a Tuesday (and please refrain from the “they should have gotten married in 2008” comments, I’ve heard it already). So aside from the trek up there, which was made in a formal dress and heels, carrying a duffel bag, laptop bag and my big shoulder purse all on the streetcar and subway (and NO ONE offered me help or even a seat when I was clearly struggling and exhausted) the night did turn out to be quite a nice one.

The reception was at the Radisson in Markham and for the first time (that I remember) I got to meet all of my grandmother’s sisters, who live in various places around the united states. Of course there are the requisite questions and comments like “now, which one are you?” because for some reason no one can ever remember which sister I am, and “I haven’t seen you since you were thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big!!”.

My favourite questions though were always “so where’s your boyfriend?” After which everyone give me the sympathy look when I tell them that we broke up and I am there sans date. This photo pretty much sums up my sentiments about the dateless evening. My mom was taking pictures of myself and my two sisters and wanted the dates to get in on the photo taking action and since I didn’t have one I felt I needed to make up for it. *Sigh*. C’est la vie.


One Response to “Nuptials”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Oh, I didn’t say that I didn’t get a sick pleasure from it. That may have been the only reason I was looking forward to going to my 20-year old cousin’s engagement party. I’m actually working on a choreographed song and dance to maximize the uncomfortable factor.

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