No Deal

Howie Mandel and his “briefcase babes” are doing some bit on the Emmy’s right now and it reminded me of something that’s really been bothering me for a while.

Now apparently a whole ton of people just love “Deal or No Deal” and a while back I actually attempted to watch it to see what all the fuss was about, but had to change the channel because I couldn’t believe what I saw. Having mute women dressed in identical outfits smiling and pointing is something that The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune can get away with because they both started the practice well before it was objectionable. I was under the assumption that blatantly using women as objects on a primetime television show on a major network was something that I would never have to witness in my adult life. But lo and behold, a smiling entourage of breasts and legs all marched out carrying briefcases and America is loving it.

The worst part is that no one seems to see the problem! Have you read anything in the blogosphere or in the news that might indicate that something is wrong here? Am I just being overly sensitive about this? I’ve had to deal with the fact that people take one look at me and assume that there’s no way I could possibly be intelligent. Couple it with the fact that my personality isn’t in line with most people’s expectations of what a smart, capable woman’s would be (read: bitch) I fight with this stereotype on a regular basis. I’m tired of hearing people say “Are you for real?” every time I say that I studied computer science or that I’m a developer. Deal or No Deal just reinforces the Beautiful=Dumb stereotype that so many women are working hard to get away from.

If you’re sitting there reading this thinking that I’m a raging feminist bitch, you’re probably exactly the type of asshole that watches this show and makes life difficult for women like me. Why don’t you pick #10, she’s got a degree in Biochemistry.


20 Responses to “No Deal”

  1. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    You sound like a raging feminist bitch…:-)

    I can’t believe you are having a problem with this show, yet you watch Desperate Houswifes…go figure…

  2. Jenny Says:


    And I don’t watch Desperate Housewives. Learn how to spell.

  3. Amanda Says:

    If you compare all of the groups of people being oppressed in humanity today, I don’t think that attractive women in the work place are very high up on that list.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Well I guess that makes it ok then.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ooooooh! This kitten’s got claws!

    I suppose you’re one of those “don’t call me a chick” chicks, eh?

  6. Jenny Says:

    Yes. And don’t call me a kitten either.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sorry…would you prefer “dame?” How about “doll,” “broad,” or “babe?”


  8. Jenny Says:

    I dunno, how do you feel about “dickhead”?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Dickhead…has a nice ring to it. I was under the impression that women liked jerks. Have I been lied to?

  10. Amanda Says:

    I didn’t say that. No kind of oppression is ok.

    However, this blog entry did make you sound a tad conceited. No offense.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    No response, eh? Too bad…you’re kind of cute when you’re mad. Funny how girls always loose it when they’re backed into a corner. Perhaps you should stick to computer stuff and leave the feminism to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  12. Jenny Says:

    Amanda: Regardless whether women are attractive or not, a lot of people still hold the idea that women are less capable in technical fields. The fact that I don’t fit other people’s idea of a typical computer geek makes it that much harder.

    And yes, I think I’m pretty and I don’t see anything wrong with saying it.

    Anonymous: 1. I’m sure women lie to you all the time 2. You’re an idiot 3. Use your real name 4. This is exactly what I’m talking about, when I get angry, it’s “cute”.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Oh come on, Jennifer. Can’t you take a little razzing? I happen to know for a fact that you’re a sweet, lovely, cute girl with a heart of gold. It doesn’t necessarily make you a barefoot kitchen-dwelling simpleton. It is possible for a woman to be both strong, intelligent, and effective while still being sweet, feminine, and sexy.

    Something tells me you’re that chick.

    However, you’re still a chick.

  14. Jenny Says:

    Ok seriously, who is this?

    That’s nice sentiment and I used to believe it was true, but I don’t think so anymore. There’s a reason why women who are successful are bitches. It’s a man’s world.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I could tell you who I am, but then I’d have to kill you.

  16. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    Jenn’s big problem, is she KNOWS that if Howie offered her a job, she would be on it like a fat kid on a smartie…

    And it probably pays more than she is making…:-)

  17. Bobby Says:

    Yeah, I think I’m pretty too.

    Nah, no I don’t.

  18. Jenny Says:

    Aaawwww Bobby, I think you’re pretty.

  19. Amanda Says:

    Yes, women have always been deemed less capable then men. I was merely voicing my opinion as you were. As I agree with most of what you are saying, I’m not sure I agree with all of it.

    I think that Bobby is pretty too!

  20. Bobby Says:

    I think it’s a shame that women aren’t revered more on a social scale. Most of the women I know are far more capable than many men.

    Let’s use this blog entry as a symbol to all – disbanding stereotypes, one at a time. I’m pretty sympathetic to feminism, so rock on.

    Any male-bashing, though, and I’m out. Gots to represent.

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