The worst thing about living alone is that there’s no one to bring you any damned chicken soup when you’re lying in cold sweats, moaning on the couch. And maybe there’d actually be chicken soup in the cupboard if there was someone else here. I have to admit it’s my own fault that I got sick, it almost works like magic, when I’m not sleeping and eating well (basically what most people refer to as “taking care of yourself”), I get sick. A three-day long eye twitch, and eating a solid diet of kraft dinner and toaster strudels is a good indication that illness is forthcoming. Now that I’ve said this I will promptly get a phone call from my mother lecturing me on eating properly. I KNOW MOM, I’m the one who’s miserable here. I’ve learned my lesson. That and the fact that I have now RUINED a perfectly good long weekend and the debauchery I had planned has now been cancelled. *sigh*

So anyway, if you’ve got some free time go check out the little map I made using the google maps api and my list of restaurants on squidoo. I used my laptop for warmth yesterday while I was bed-ridden all day and managed to get some coding done in between bouts of narcolepsy.


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