Donata and Nadia’s Birthday

Saturday night I went out with the girls in Niagara Falls to have an early birthday celebration for Donata and Nadia. We went to the only good club in Niagara (meaning that it hasn’t been ruined by americans…yet), Dragonfly which just opened this summer at the Fallsview Casino. In honour of our girls we got a VIP booth and bottle service, which cost a fortune. Can you believe they charge $200 a bottle for something you can pick up at the liquor store for $20!?!?! We probably would have spent the same amount, factoring in tips if we had just gone a la carte for drinks, so it didn’t end up being too ridiculous. We also had the added bonus of not having to wait at the bar for drinks, which at this place usually takes about 20 minutes.So the liquor was pretty much “all you can drink”…and that we did. It was an excellent evening, we danced and drank and had a great time, save for some random and confusing purse snatching at the end of the night.

Happy birthday girls!

More photos here.


One Response to “Donata and Nadia’s Birthday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Who is the tan girl with the big earrings and the shirt with pink in it? Is she available?

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