The panic sets in

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m excited about my trip and while, yes, excitement is a part of what I’m feeling, “petrified” more accurately describes the other 90% of me right now. My plane leaves at 4pm today and I’m in panic mode as I’m trying to figure out exactly what it is that I’m forgetting to pack. I’m having waves of “oh my god, I can’t believe I’m doing this” come over me every once in a while. Of course I know that I’m going to have a great time, but doing it by myself for the first time ever is pretty daunting.

Gotta go finish packing…


2 Responses to “The panic sets in”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Hey, Jenny. Best of luck, kid. I hope this trip is just amazing for you.

    And hey, you probably already have a ton of people you’re going to send postcards to, but I really really love getting them from faraway places…


  2. Jenny Says:

    Email me your address and you might get a little surprise in the mail 🙂

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