Touchdown in Lisbon

Hey everyone! I’ve reached my hostel in Lisbon, the flight was ok, not too much excitement, tried to sleep but of course I couldn’t. It’s 10am local time so I can’t get into my room yet so I decided to hit up the free internet in the hostel lounge. This place is is amazing! It has a really homey feel and it’s nice and clean and modern and they have tons of stuff that goes on every night, including home-cooked suppers every night. There’s a little terrace out back with tables and umbrellas and they open a bar there nightly.

From what I’ve seen so far walking from the bus station, Lisbon is beautiful. There’s a certain smell that totally reminds me of my last trip and europe in general, I think I’ve got it nailed down to a mixture of motor oil and cigarettes. For some reason I’m totally not tired at all, so I’m gonna go plan the rest of my day!!!


3 Responses to “Touchdown in Lisbon”

  1. Timothy Li Says:

    have you seen a Fado performance in Lisboa yet? =)

  2. Slava Says:

    McCarthy! Good to hear that you arrived just fine 🙂

    You better be updating this often.

  3. Rohan Jayasekera Says:

    The smell might include diesel exhaust, something much more common in European cities than in Toronto.

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