Lisbon part 2

Here’s a quick rundown of Lisbon, as I’m sitting in my hostel in Lagos right now and everyone is busy getting sauced and heading over to the bar across the street soon.

Yesterday morning I woke up and fell back asleep repeatedly until about noon when I eventually forced myself to get the hell out of bed and go see some sights. Although I was incredibly tired I ventured up to the castle San Jorge which was totally worth it even though I was exhausted. It’s in this really high part of the city so there was some insane stair climbing to get there. There was one point where I saw a sign in one of the little streets where I was walking down that said “Caution, tourists have been mugged here!” at which point I got panicked and picked up the pace to get to a more populated part.

The castle was amazing. It’s really just the ruins of a castle but it was so interesting to be able to climb up to the top and walk along the walls. After that I just aimlessly wandered around Alfama (the old neighbourhood in Lisbon that has to many tiny streets you inevitably get lost).

Once I got back to the hostel I hooked up with some people I had met the night before and we went out to dinner in bairro alto. We spent about 5 minutes debating whether or not to eat the appetizers they put on the table before your meal. Eventually we succumbed to the hunger and dug in. Again, it ended up being another amazing meal of incredible seafood. We went back to the hostel after and I went to bed around midnight.

This morning I got up and took the bus to Lagos at 10:30am. More about Lagos to come….


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