Tuesday I took the bus from Lisbon in the morning to Lagos. Before I left Toronto, someone made a snarky comment about how sketchy the portuguese buses probably were and they couldn’t have been more wrong. These buses are like being on an airplane. The seats are all leather, there’s a “stewardess” that serves drinks and snacks along the way and they play movies. It’s ridiculously comfortable. I couldn’t believe how nice it was.

Right after getting into my hostel, called the, *ahem* Rising Cock, I headed down to the beach and just laid there for the rest of the afternoon. It was blissful. That night I hung around the hostel for a while, had a few drinks and despite the reputation that preceded it, discovered that there wasn’t much of a party going on there, so I headed to bed at about 2am. Turns out that people actually started going out to the bars at that time, but I was waaaaaaaaay too tired.

So yesterday I went down to the beach again and throughout the day met so many people, that the group I was sitting with grew from just myself to 20 people, all sitting around on towels, playing music, swimming, playing paddle ball and sunbathing. It was awesome. Most of the people that I met were staying at a different hostel, so I made plans to go over and meet them later that night.

After going back to my hostel, I hooked up with a few people that were getting some takeout chicken which we ate back at the hostel with some wine and then went out for more drinks. After sitting at the bar, having a few sips of my beer and realizing that I was starting to not feel very well, I went back to the hostel with one guy who worked there and who was supposed to start his shift at 10pm. I walked out of the bar and started to feel dizzy so I sat down and then promptly threw up. Yeah, I know, in public, nice. Anyway, I was definitely really sick so I spent the rest of the night in my dorm feeling awful.

I’m feeling much better this morning except for the fact that it’s RAINING. Yes, that’s right RAIN. Boourns. It’s a good thing that this hostel has a huge collection of illegally downloaded movies that they like to play on the big plasma tv in the living room. I’m gonna go grab my pillow and settle down for a long day of Anchorman, National Lampoon and 8 Mile.

I’m going to try to upload my photos at some time, but the equipment here doesn’t seem to work.


2 Responses to “Lagos”

  1. Rohan Jayasekera Says:

    Staying at the Rising Cock, throwing up in public, and watching illegal movies. You’re getting to be a bad influence on your readers.

  2. Rohan Jayasekera Says:

    Since you’re in Portugal, I hope you’ve tried Portuguese custard tarts (“pasteis de nata” or “natas”). Here in Toronto, the Nova Era bakery chain supposedly makes 18,000 of them a week. Most of which are eaten by me and my wife — ok, not really, but that would be the case if continually buying bigger clothes weren’t so expensive.

    In the Wikipedia article on Portugal, someone has written that “supposedly the best pasteis in the country can be found” at “Pasteis de Belem a few minutes by tram from central Lisbon”.

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