I officially hated Seville this morning. After the caffule last night involving my hostel room and a veritable array of other things that I couldn´t book because of a combination of a bad internet connection in my hostel and unavailability of different hostels, tickets and bus rides, I was just damned pissed off. This morning I woke up deciding to have a great day and headed out to see the Cathedral. After getting thoroughly lost several times I found myself in this very beautiful garden, not really caring where I was anymore, just taking in the sights. Until it started to rain. I´m not just talking a light rain here, it was pouring. I tried my best to huddle under some of the trees in the garden with some other tourists, but eventually I was soaked from head to toe. And lost. I didn´t even have a rough idea of where I could possibly run to. When it started to let up (I´m not talking spitting here, it was just a bit less than a downpour) I started running and eventually found a doorway where about 15 other people were huddled in.

After staying there for about 15 minutes the rain immediately ceased and the sun came out. Ugghhhh. So I walked around in the sun for a little bit more trying to dry off but being quite unsuccessful. Eventually I gave up and just went into the cathedral, and it was really beautiful. It´s the 3rd largest church in the world after St. Peter´s in Rome and St. Paul´s in London and it´s hard to wrap your head around just how long it must have taken to build.

The second I stepped out of the cathedral it started raining again. Shit. Mind you it was incredibly sunny the whole time I was inside the Cathedral. This time I ducked under an awning of a store and waited it out.

Since I was right next to it, I then went into the Alcazar (the big castle in Seville) and took about three hours looking around and doing the audio tours. Again, just incredible.

So now I´m back at the hostel, liking Seville a little bit better after seeing those amazing sights and trying to find someone else who wants to go to the bullfight!


One Response to “Seville!”

  1. Jenny Says:

    hahahahahah, of COURSE I miss you silly. You should have taken your vitamin C and zinc and you wouldn´t have gotten sick 🙂

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