The real bad influence begins….

The rain actually cleared after a couple hours on Thursday, during which I went back to bed and slept. Almost immediately the sun started coming out again and I ventured back down to the beach. There still weren´t a lot of people there and the sun kept going in and out from behind clouds so after about a couple of hours I gave up and decided to wander around town and then down to some of the other beaches. The beaches in Lagos are so beautiful, again, I wish I could upload pictures here because their the kind of stuff you only see on postcards.

After the sightseeing that afternoon I headed back to the hostel where mamma was cooking soup for everyone. I met up with a bunch of aussie girls (big surprise…aussies) and a few other people and we went out to dinner. I had some amazing squid and great wine, and after that we decided just to go out to a few bars instead of going back to the hostel. We ended up going to 4 different bars over the course of 6 hours. The night ended at 4am in the popular bar in Lagos called Inside Out, where one of the guys that was with us ordered a fishbowl, which basically is an enormous fishbowl filled with an entire bottle of vodka, half a bottle of triple sec and an assortment of other mixes, topped off with 8 straws. I could barely drink it, they made it so strong!

After the previous two nights being a bust, it was great to go out and have a really good time.

The next morning I got up for breakfast, packed my stuff and jumped on the 7 hour bus to Seville. I only had my hostel booked for the first night that I was staying in Seville, figuring that I could just rock up and they´d have space for walk-ins for the next two nights. Nope. I spent about three hours stressing over where I was going to stay after last night in seville and I randomly met this girl who was from California who had a reservation for the next two nights and she was going to cancel it! I nearly kissed her. So we went down to reception, switched the names, and instead of her losing the 22€ she had already paid and me paying it again, the guy just suggested that I give her the money, so she said that 10€ would be enough and she would be totally happy. Man, I love when stuff randomly works out like this.

I was planning on heading to Malaga after a few nights in Seville and few nights in Granada, but it looks like that´s not going to work out, so I may go back to Lisbon a little early and do a day trip to Sintra, I missed seeing Belem (and the pastry shop there, about 15 minutes from the centre of town) so I´m going to need some extra time to do that.

Phew. Well I´m off to do some sightseeing in Seville today!


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