Getting on the bus again

I´ve made an executive decision and I´ve decided to leave Seville a day early. I saw all the big sights yesterday and quite frankly I´m not all impressed with the city and this hostel. Well, actually the hostel is gorgeous but the people who are staying here are all students that are starting their fall term at the university of seville and are just staying here until they can find a flat to rent. There aren´t even any australians!

Seville is under a huge amount of construction right now, and it seems as though every single way you turn there is some sort of fencing up to keep you out of an area where they are digging or scaffolding covering bridges and buildings. This is what I am blaming my inability to find my way around the city on. I swear it´s like the movie Labyrinth here, whenever you turn around the street that used to be behind you magically turns into a dead end. I had less trouble trying to find my way around Venice than this place and all the maps of the city just seem to be wrong.

So the moral of the story is that I´m on to Granada and after that up to Lisbon, but I´m giving serious throughts to going back to Lagos. Man, that place is like a black hole….


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