"If you have not seen the Alhambra you have not lived"

I finally lived today! I know I had plans to get up early yesterday, hike up the hill and stand in line for hours to get tickets, but the night previous of drinking and getting to bed at 3am proved the 7am wake-up a little difficult. Yesterday I walked around Granada some more, saw the Alcazin, shopped a bit and hung out on the terrace of the hostel, which overlooks the city. The hostel had a huge dinner last night and unlimited sangria, which made me incredibly sleepy so I went to bed early, which was a good plan for getting up to see the Alhambra.

I met a couple of other people in the lobby of the hostel this morning (the 7 or so who said they were coming never actually showed up) and we headed up the hill in the freezing cold and stood in line for an hour to get tickets. We managed to get a 30-minute entrance slot to the Nasrid Palace right when we were there so we went in and spent about 4 hours exploring the entire Alhambra. It was absolutely amazing. There really aren’t words to be able to explain how beautiful it is. It’s the remains of a moorish castle with tons of small intricate carvings all over, but there are many different gardens and buildings and towers it takes such a long time to see.

After we’d seen everything, we headed back into town to enjoy some free tapas (when you get a drink), then back up to the terrace to enjoy the heat of the afternoon sun. God, I love Granada.

I think I’m getting a little sick though, and I have to wait until siesta is over to go to the pharmacy and mime sinus pain to the pharmacist, who almost certainly won’t speak english. The hostel is having a tapas tour tonight, so I most likely will push through the illness for some awesome spanish food!


One Response to “"If you have not seen the Alhambra you have not lived"”

  1. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    According to Juan’s blog (he is in Burgos), you need to taste test morcilla’s…

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