I love travelling, but the worst part of it all by far are the airports. I made the mistake of flying through the US to get to Europe, which wasn’t a huge deal on the way there, because Canadians are lucky enough to be in the good graces of this super-power (sarcasm) so they don’t give us nearly as much shit as every other nation in the world, which means that we get to go through customs without getting fingerprinted and photographed (shudder). Though, when in the airport in Newark I couldn’t help be be incredibly saddened by the state of our world. The amount of security, checkpoints and questions that you have to go to go through and answer, to the point where everyone’s personal privacy has been pillaged, just to get on a plane is sad. Most people would just like to blame the US for everything, and while the do hold a large part of the responsibility of it, it’s not that simple. Anyway, that’s all for a different blog.

The flight from Lisbon To Newark was relatively uneventful other than the dehydration I was experiencing from not being able to bring a bottle of water on an 8 hour flight and constantly having press the call button to ask the flight attendant for the capfuls of water that they give out. I had an empty seat next to me, so I was able to put my feet up and fall asleep for a bit.

The flight ended up being about a half-hour late, which cut into the hour and a half connection time that I had in Newark. Now here’s where the fun starts!

Because I was flying through the US from a country other than Canada I had to go through immigration, CLAIM my bag, go through customs, re-check my bag, go through security and then get to my gate. In less than an hour. If that were an olympic sport I would have gotten gold. You should have seen me booting it through the terminal, jumping over people who were standing on the moving walkways, finagling my way to the front of the immigration line with a little sweet talking, circling the luggage carousel and pouncing on my bag the minute it came off. They tried to trip me up by sending me to the Agricultural agent (for no reason, I might add), but the guy at the luggage re-check was quite efficient, telling everyone “Toronto? Just drop it at the front and go, that’s how we roll baby”. I even managed to butt in front of a couple of pilots in the Elite security line. I RAN down the terminal to get to my gate just as they were closing the door!

Then we didn’t take off for another 20 minutes because there was a light bulb on the wing that was burnt out and needed to be changed. *Sigh*.

It was a really quick flight from Jersey to Toronto, and knowing that I had Chris waiting at the airport to pick me up, I did a little more fast walking to beat everyone to the immigration line, only the be the last person staring at the empty luggage carousel a half hour later. My bag didn’t make it. Of course. Oh well, at least it didn’t happen at the beginning of my trip. Continental was pretty good about getting it to me though. It came in on the next flight and they delivered it right to my front door.

The lesson here, is to not make the mistake of flying through the US if you can at all avoid it. Next time I’m flying to London and going from there.


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