Cycling petition

A while ago I wrote about this crazy guy who decided to cycle to work from Toronto to Oshawa. He writes a really great blog about cycling, climate change, sprawlurbia, peak oil and other related issues, that’s really worth the read.

He’s created a petition with some ideas of tax credit programs that will incent people to cycle to work, rather than taking the car. Take a look here and put your name on it.

Every little bit helps.


One Response to “Cycling petition”

  1. Tuco Says:

    Thanks Jenny!
    It seems like the Fed. Conservatives are really blind to the idea that canadians are serious about fighting climate change. Hopefully, having petitions like this one get read in the House, they’ll start to clue in and actually offer some solutions which will come into effect before 2050 (as in their Clean Air Act).
    Take care!

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